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Insurance Forms

An insurance form is another name for an insurance policy, and it specifies what perils your home and belongings are insured against. The following are descriptions of the various insurance forms available for homeowners, renters and condominium owners. Not all insurers use these exact terms to describe their home insurance forms; however, the coverage provided will be similar

Home Insurance
The five homeowners package forms offered to owners of single family owner occupied homes are HO1, HO-2, HO-3, HO-3 with HO-15 and HO-8. These policy forms insure your home and belongings against at least 11 named perils. The more perils your policy covers, the more you will pay for the policy.

Your home may not qualify for one of the five homeowners package policies; therefore, we may offer you limited coverage on your house. This coverage may be Fire and Extended Coverage. Your home and only your home would be covered for damage due to very specific perils or losses.

Renters’ Insurance
If you rent an apartment or a house, you are responsible for liability coverage and for insuring your personal possessions. Liability coverage protects renters the same as it would if you were a homeowner.
The owner of the property is responsible for insuring the building and for obtaining his or her own liability coverage.

Condominium Insurance
An individual unit owner policy is similar to homeowners’ and renters’ insurance. You will also have separate coverage for your structure and collective property through your condominium association.

Manufactured Housing Insurance
Typical manufactured housing policies provide basically the same coverages as a HO-2 or HO-3 policy.

Generally it costs more to insure a manufactured home than a conventional home because of the difference in construction materials and the mobile home’s greater susceptibility to wind damage.

If you own a manufactured home, you can select from two coverage forms to insure your dwelling. These options are:

Optional Coverages You May Wish to Consider

To aid you in keeping coverage at an adequate level, some companies offer an “Inflation Guard Endorsement.” This endorsement will allow your insurance company to automatically change your policy limit during the policy period. Normally, the higher premium is not paid until the time of renewal.

Even if you have this endorsement on your policy, you should check your coverage limits periodically to make sure you are adequately, but not excessively, insured. Not all companies offer this endorsement, so check with your agent or company if you are interested in purchasing it.

Remember that these secondary residences are not automatically covered by the home insurance policy on your primary or principal residence.


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